What are stock tanks?

A stock tank is a steel tank, generally round or oval in shape, produced primarily for the feeding and watering of livestock, such as cattle and sheep. They are designed to be tough and durable in order to withstand the rough and tumble of life on the ranch. The tanks have a zinc coating, known as galvanisation to prevent the steel from rusting. The attributes that make the tanks so good on the ranch also make them ideal for many domestic applications such as pools, hot tubs, planters and anything else you can come up with. A search on Instagram and Pinterest will yield endless ideas!

Why do I need a stock tank?

So many reasons. We would say that the most popular use for our stock tanks has been for garden pools. Stock tanks are a wonderful option for small spaces or where a large pool is inappropriate. Stock tanks are very durable compared to other above ground pools, which means both children and adults can have fun without worrying about flimsy pools collapsing. Stock tank pools can be set into decking and painted. We personally love the look of stock tanks as they leave the factory, they have a great retro-cool look, which sits comfortably into many environments.